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  • Bangkok Thailand and peerless experience

    Bangkok Thailand

     Bangkok Thailand

    “lets experience the beautiful Bangkok Thailand”

    Shopping Malls:

    Despite of Venus of east, Bangkok Thailand is also known for the tallest building in terms of biggest shopping malls which remains open till late night. Surprisingly, each and every kind of accessories are available with the suitable and reasonable price and what more interesting is that shopkeepers are so kind and humble that even we can bargain for the prices. The shopping malls are totally air-conditioned in which in turns attract more visitors and customers. MBK mall is one of the famous biggest malls which consists of small shops in and around. Indeed! Very neat and clean with the availability of delicious foods at very suitable price.


    Street foods:

    Although Thai foods are very famous in the world but the foods at Bangkok streets has much to offer than you might thought of. I can say that your trip is not complete until and unless you will not experienced the food at the street sitting on a plastic chair under the open sky. Nevertheless, you are a food lover or not but you will taste it extremely for the delicious foods consists from a mixture of sweet, salt and piquant. Every evening the paths ways near the market turn into a lines of chairs and get into huge crowd eating and enjoying foods. Some of Thai foods are Khao Pad, Som Tum and Gaeng Keow Wan Kai.


    Chao Pharaya River:

    Located in the heart of Bangkok, the streaming river has its importance economically. History reveals that once upon it was a biggest route for trading and hence given the title “Venus of East” for the beautiful Bangkok Thailand. A journey through the amazing river give an unforgettable experience and more colors to your trip with an opportunity of saving your budget effectively by transporting into boat and sightseeing of various popular destinations.Out from the hustle and bustle from the city, the boat drive will carry you to WAT ARUN and Grand Palace through fastest transportation via boat. Moreover, there are many restaurants and hotels for serving.










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