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  • Best 07 Trekking Tips for Adventure Lovers

    trekking tips

    There are different aspects of trek in terms of altitude, distances, total duration of trek and mainly whether it is strenuous or not. But the main thing to keep in mind is the necessary arrangement that is to be done before the trek. In this article, I have shared some of the trekking tips that you will carry out in order to able for a trek. You can find tips on important equipment, food and some specific physical exercise.


    Running is very important part of your training before the Trek as it will strengthen your power and muscles to carry out performance much and more. Try to run at least 30 minutes in morning or evening. Suggested to take break at the initial level but as you are used to with running practice, try to run without any break.

    2) Play some kind of healthy Sports:

    You can either boost up yourself for the Trek by playing some healthy sports like soccer not only for physical health but it also make us ready mentally for the new challenges and obstacles. Prefer to those people who do not like to go for small hikes OR some sort of running.


    3) Join GYM:

    I have already discussed about running practice but there is also a magical key factor to make your legs strong which can be done by joining a gym and start leg exercises as leg presses. Optionally, shoulder presses are also beneficial.


    4) FOOTWEAR:

    Think of your footwear as the backbone of your desired trek. Make sure to buy or take it on rent the expensive, quality, good ventilation and comfortable boot. There are plenty of different kind, according to nature of the Trek. Beware to buy water-proof footwear if the nature of trek is either icy or snowy.


    5) Food for the Trek:

    It would be necessary to take care of your food and water on your entire trip because it is like your fuel. Mostly foods consists of high energy proteins and carbohydrates. Usually, dry fruit, peanut butter, oat, fresh juices, biscuits are used to be foods of trek. Since it contains high energy and protein. Need not to worry about the water since it is available on the streams coming from mountains or the glaciers.

    6) Choose the GEAR:

    One of the annoying factor that usually somebody faces is the lack of trekking gear. It must be easily to handle according to the prevailing nature of the trek. One must have a proper trekking gear before the trek. Some of the gears are ice axes, ropes, crampons, gloves, water repellent shoes, hiking poles and rain jackets.


    7) Bring several batteries

    Everybody wants to capture the eye-catching sceneries which are the part of their trip. Somehow, you will probably find places where there are zero percent chance of electricity. So in order to fix those moments into camera or phone, you need to bring several batteries so that you miss not any remarkable moment. Solar panels also helps charging devices.



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