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  • The climbers of Bolivia summit the mountains in Skirits

    Bolivia Climbers (Cholita):

    “Cholitass” are Bolivian ladies with indigenous tradition known for their vivid clothing, round best caps and luxurious studs. On the planet’s most astounding capital city of La Paz, Bolivia, 11 Cholitass are determined to beat sexism and prejudicial states of mind and climb mountains in their customary attire.

    Bolivia Climbers

    With Jimena Lidia Huaylas, the Cholita Climbers were once high mountain cooks. Be that as it may, by December 2015, they’ve been climbing the famous peaks in country as mountain climbers. Joined by their affection for mountains and a feeling of insubordination, the Cholita Climbers will persevere relentlessly to accomplish the sentiment of flexibility that originates from scaling incredible statures.

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