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  • Deosai National Parks roof known as roof of the world

    Deosai National Parks

    Deosai National Parks (roof of the world)

    The Northern part of Pakistan is bestowed with many natural wonders including highest peaks, lakes, lush green meadows, scenic fountains, different seasons with their own colors. And Deosai National parks(park) is one of the popular destination that falls in Northern part (Gilgit Baltistan). Deosai literally means “Land of Giants and Fairies”. The name ‘Land of Giants and Fairies’ is given because it is considered that they are used to live there due to its utmost beauty. Interestingly, the entry to Deosai is available from many routes since it is located on the core of this region, from Skardu which I prefer the best route to follow, on the other hand the exploration is also possible from Astore side which is indeed touristic spot including Rama Lake sightseeing.

    Skardu City:

    Skardu or Baltistan (people who speak Balti) is the main city which provides gateways towards many touristic spots including Deosai. Getting around in Skardu, there are a bunch of hotels to stay from higher standard to lower standard as per desired of the traveler with the most suitable prices. Sometimes, it happens that people forget to bring important equipment’s but they do not need to worry at all since a bazaar or market is available in the center of main city with the availability of every equipment either at rent or sell. It is better to ask guide or trip organizer for the necessary equipment’s needed before the trip, usually a small trek containing of 5 days can also be done (Burjy La Trek).

    Conveyance to Deosai National Parks:

    The conveyance is only possible by driving through 4×4 jeeps and Land cruiser which has the capability to rush through the rough roads, since to make your journey accomplished, you need to experience by traveling by rough roads. It makes the whole trip more adventurous and.Necessary to be aware of that it is 30 km away from Skardu and it takes 5 hours continuously drive. Usually it is common practice to set off at early in the morning in order to make whole day exploration at the small heaven. The actual thrill begins when you will be moved and rushed to the Sadapara road which is leading to the Sadpara Lake, one of the fascinating lake and important touristic spot. Indeed, you might be given an opportunity to stop and photography at the Sadpara Lake. But the journey is still left and next entry would be the Sadapara village. From there, you can experience a rich culture and beautiful faces of kids waving hands showing the patience and hospitality to the guests. This is what the trip more lovable and interesting.

    Drivers and the Bumpy Road:

    Drivers are well experienced at there who spend their whole life driving on these routes, they are kind and funny too. As I talked earlier regarding the rough roads, it is bit uncomfortable since you need to bear continuous jumps on the bumpy road. On the way, you can see water channel which is flowing on their way to Satapara Lake, actually it is the melted form of glaciers from the mountains and hills. The road is too connected to the mountains but not really lies on mountain.

    Finally ROOF OF THE WORLD:

    Finally, steeps after steeps and bumps roads, you can find a sign board written “Welcome to Deosai Plateau”. Yes, the amazing sightseeing starts from here as just we enter into the Deosai Plateau. What you will find is the lush green meadows with snow capped hills giving more enthusiastic color to its penetrating beauty. Deosai is the largest plateau of the world covering an area of 3,000 square km (known as roof of the world). Why travelers are highly attracted to it? is the reason that it is the gateway or home to many kinds of wildlife from flowers to animals. Surprisingly, no any struggle or hard work is made to make flowers grow rather on that high altitude it survives by itself. The arrangements of flowers are unending and it continues till to the end of hill and it seems a pretty hard work is made to make it possible. On the other hand, wild animals can also been seen in form of Marmots, Brown Himalayan Bear, Himalayan Ibex and the snow leopard.

    To protect the wildlife and especially the Himalayan bear Government has made safety precaution in order to save the animals from extinction. (WORLDWIDE FUND) is an organization who is responsible in taking care of these animals from hunting and one can find their people on Barda Pani (name of place in Deosai). Meanwhile, a group of local people from the nearer areas also lives there for the purpose of their business by running small hotels at there by serving hot tea and meals to the people who come to visit this place. Actually, what I find is the people seems to more hospitable and kind. They gave us everything they had and this made our trip more interesting.

    Since summer is the best season to visit, you might find a lot of tourists and local people wondering here and there enjoying their holidays in terms of splashing water, fishing and swimming. Fishing is bit restricted by WWF but people do it when they are away. Nevertheless, as it is widely spread, there are more places to visit, by traveling more 1 and half hour, you have an opportunity to see the great “Sheosar Lake” which literally means the blind-Lake. It is located on top of Deosai at an elevation of 4,220 m. It can be accessible from two routes, either from Skardu or Astore via Chillim. No words to describe the eye catching beauty of the lake with blue water, for a moment I thought to be sky (lol). There is a pin drop silence except the movement of water which carries waves around you, which calls you to come closer. Generally, the trip organizer carries packed food for the guests to be taken as lunch at Sheosar Lake although there are hotels which are eligible in serving but they are expensive.

    It depends on the schedule of the trip whether you would like spend night at here via camping or back to Skardu. But many people prefers to stay night at there and enjoying the twinkling stars as it can be seen clearly.


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