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  • Do not forget to visit these places while you are exploring Skardu

    Are you ready to take an amazing trip to Skardu?

    If you have planned and really would like to explore then it would be best destination you have ever did.

    Skardu region has immense diversity that in form of topography that you are not feeling bore at at point in the trip. However, every place you go gives their charm so is never ever been to.

    These are some of the best places you would surely be visiting while in Skardu.


    Skardu visit

    So far we have discussed the few of beautiful places in Skardu, now let us talk about the most visited place of Skardu, the Deosai, means “LAND OF FAIRIES AND GIANTS” because there are many stories behind the name. Well, it also popular for different names as “ROOF OF THE WORLD” and highest plateau of the world. In fact, spreading at an area of 3,000 km square, it is home to wide of range of wild life including Himalayan brown bears,Himalayan ibex, Snow Leopard, Marmot and other bird species. Deosai is only accessible in the summer season because in winter, it is blocked due to snow.


    Skardu visit

    Picture credit: Syed Mehdi Bukhari

    Surrounding with the snow-capped mountains, the island shaped Lake is situated at 2636 m in the Skardu region (drive 15 mins from Skardu city). Besides an eye catching Lake, Satpara Lake is dam which facilities water to the whole city. It gives best sightseeing views of its crystal blue water to the tourists passing nearby. The Lake is also home to the trout fishes where you can sit nearby at the Lake and enjoy fishing.



    Skardu visit

    Source: https://www.ewiaproduction.com/blog/2018/3/25/pakistan

    Apart from natural beauty and hospitable moral values, Skardu region is also known for the ancient archaeological sites that reveals the cultural values of people living in the city. Standing high at the bank of Indus River, this fort was constructed by King Ali Sher in the sixteen century. Kharpocho literally means “King of forts”. The fort provides the bird eye view of Skardu city from the top.


    Skardu visit

    Picture credit: Syed Mehdi Bukhari

    Well, you have already heard that Deserts are usually located in those places where high temperatures and low altitudes exist. But now you will be surprised to know that Deserts are also exist at such altitudes in between the gigantic and snowcapped mountains. Off course, it is known for “Cold desert” in the region of Skardu. Situated at a height of 14000ft, it gives the best charming views of the desert, surrounding the lofty peaks.



    Skardu visit

    Picture credit: Syed Mehdi Bukhari

    How it could be possible that you are in exploring Skardu and not visiting the Kachura Valley. Located at 30 KM from Skardu city, it is gateway to the most mesmerizing lakes on earth including the heart shaped Shangrilla Lake (most famous lake in South Asia), the Upper Kachura Lake (still not known where the water comes from and fill the Lake) and the Xoq Valley. You can find lush green fields, rivers, natural springs, apricot trees, apple trees and the flowers with sweet fragrances. Besides the beauty, it is also home to trout fishes.

    Every place mentioned in our article has its own beauty and charming in its own way. I would advise that you must visit those places before you die.

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