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  • Islamabad visiting places guide to city tour

    Islamabad visiting places

    Some of the places as Islamabad visiting places”

    Faisal Mosque:

    Faisal Mosque is one of most touristic destination in Islamabad. It was established in 1986 by Saudi King Shah Faisal. It is located on an elevated surface with a background of lush green hill known as Margilla Hill which throws more light to the Faisal Mosque. The construction is so unique that it can be seen from far off places. The design was prepared by Vedat Dalokay (Turkey), his design was selected after competition. It has four rocket like beams high up in the air. It covers an area of 5000 meters square and largest mosque in South Asia in which 8000-9000 worshipers can be seated at a time.



    Rawal Lake/Lake View Park:



    Lake view Park is an eye catching Touristic spot located on Banni Gaala Islamabad. Actually it is called Lake view park because it has an awesome water reservoir that provides water to whole Islamabad and Rawal-pindi.

    Interesting part is that along with the Lake it is designed with park which consists of flowering plants and trees which give add more color to this beautiful place. What I like was the twisting, wide and contrasting path which refreshes one soul and eye. Moreover, it has also provided with sports activities like boating, diving and fishing. Near to it, there is a club which is called IBEX club which manages different cultural events. 


    Pakistan Monument:


    The second most visited and admirable destination in around Islamabad is the Pakistan Monument.It is located in Shakrparian Islamabad which is known for its greenery and natural beauty.

    The construction is much attractive and splendid, it has rising petal shaped structure which expresses the four province of Pakistan i.e, Punjab, Balochistan, Sindh and KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa).

    The adjoining structure is made to show the unity and strength in between the different provinces of Pakistan. Interestingly, Pakistan Monument pays tribute to those brave and bold martyrdom who lose their life in acquiring independence for Pakistan. Once can also taste the talented artistic skill on petal shaped walls of great leaders and founders like Quaid-e-Azam and other leaders.

    Lok Versa Museum:


    Those who are interested in exploring the contrasting colors of Pakistan, I would highly recommend to visit this Museum. It is the place which aim to preserve and express different traditions and cultures of Pakistan in terms of jewelry,dress, pictures, art and statues. Inside of it, cultures are expressed in form of statues with specific dresses and way of living. The Museum also consists of a library which contain information on history, art and culture.


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