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  • The Glorious Kachura Valley and Shangrila Skardu

    Shangrila Skardu

    Kachura, the Heart of Baltistan

    Kachura is a well-known tourist destination enriched with splendid and impressive natural beauty, each year thousands of local as well a foreigner tourists visit this valley and admire its beauty. This valley is located on the left of Indus River (Kulaq Rgyamso) at a drive of forty five minutes from Skardu city, inhabited by more than 5,000 permanent residents. The true beauty of Kachura and its adjoining areas especially Shangrila Skardu (resort) can be seen from the airplane as it consists of river, natural greenery and lakes.


    1-Shangrila Skardu (beautiful resort):

    When you enter Kachura the first attractive place you will find is Shangrila Skardu (Resort), Shangrilla is a resort consisting of a heart shaped lake surrounded by buildings of guest houses. There is crashed landed plane whose body after some reparation has been altered into a restaurant. The comparatively small hill situated inside Shangrilla is a must visit place, the complete beauty of Shangrilla can be uncovered from the top of this hill. Shangrilla Lake is not only famous for it attractive and galvanizing beauty but it is also famous for the trout Fish, there is a trout fish farm inside this resort where various kinds of trout fishes are available.

    Shangrilla was built in 1980s, the name Shangrilla is taken from a novel  ‘The Lost Horizon’ in which a plane crushes somewhere in Himalayans and the survivors reach a place whose beauty is remarkable in all aspects, the author named this place Shangrilla which means heaven on earth.


    2-The Upper Kachura Lake:

    Shangrila Lake

    The Upper Kachura Lake locally known as Forok So is the next tourist destination. This lake is one of the most visited tourist spots of Gilgit-Baltistan, enhancing its beauty UPK Lake is environed by the rocky and green hills. At UPK Lake fresh fishes, BBQ, boating and other relevant stuffs are available at affordable prices.