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    For the first time visitor, this question is highly important? Yes, I will throw some light to show the reason why people love to visit Iran and Tehran. Bitter fact that Tehran has the largest population of 14 million peoples with the most crowded roads and high traffic. But the Capital city has something to offer for traveler since it is located on the bottom of Alborz Mountains that makes the climate favorable and cool. Interestingly, you can also find peaks on Alborz Mountains that you can either climb, Trek and Ski. It is only the city that is gifted with a lot of parks and it contains flowers that blooms and give more colors to its beauty.

    Here are the some famous places that you can include in your trip:



    Let’s tell you The National Museum of Iran, if you have already planned a tour to Tehran Iran then you must not miss the chance to visit the biggest historical Museum of Iran. Located at the center of Tehran near Imam Khomeini metro system, it impressively offers a deep historical background from the past 1000 years ago with the preserving of Paleolithic age items to innovative arts. Surprisingly, when you just enter the entrance, you will see the door that is well decorated brick-style shaped that reveals similarity of Sassanian architecture.  It is interesting to observe the antiques, old books, creative arts, animal carvings, coins made in ancient times, textile works and the basement of the Museum that is responsible in arranging exhibition per year.



    One of most busy market in Tehran with bustling of citizens and tourists wondering here and there. You can find contrasting faces and green eyed as Iran is the most diverse country. Situated in the South and spread over to 11 km, this market (also called BAZAAR) has much to offer. History tells that it was trade center for over 1000 years ago and now a days unable to find the reflection. The compelling shops are covered and has different entrances, one can easily find mosque, bank, restaurant and churches nearer to it. Surprisingly, you can find shops that sells carpets, tailors that mends every kind of cloth and shoe-makers. Somehow, if you forget the route then you can easily ask to any carpet seller. Not only he will guide you, but he will invite you too for a tea.



    You might have been to Dubai and some other destination to visit and surely inspired by huge building and tower then why not included Milad Tower in your Tehran trip plan. Yes! In the heart of Tehran hiding beneath the Alboraz Mountains, here is your Milad Tower (4345 m high) constructed In mid of 2007. Being the International Trader center and convention center, it also offers 5 start hotel at the top of to gain the panoramic view of Tehran, Indeed a lucky chance once in life. Moreover, lift and elevators helps to carry to the top of tower.


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