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  • The five best mountain peaks for beginners

    After a lot of experiences and research, here I found some of the best mountain or peaks that are applicable and suitable for beginners. Although there are strenuous peaks but I do not mention it.

    1) Mountain Baker, Washington:

    Mountain Baker

    This amazing peak is of the best training peaks in the world for amateur mountaineers. It consisted of glacier and ice and interestingly distinct distances from start line to summit. However Rainier would probably full of climbers on any day in peak season. Mount Baker seems more like a solitary stroll in the (country wide) wooded area. The 10,885-foot volcanic and steep summit is covered with 12 glaciers that cover a bigger surface area with more ice than on any other glaciated peak in the Cascades except Rainier.

    Duration: One day climb

    2) Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


    Mountain Kilimanjaro

    I have covered this epic trek because it takes you to the pinnacle beauty of the fourth-highest of the Seven Summits, at 19,480 ft, and more good is that you can do it without crampons. The amazing climb begins at 5,800 feet, and slowly takes you through six biggest ecological zones; from grasslands and then rainforest all the way to alpine barren region and the arctic-like summit. The key factor to summit is by avoiding high altitude sickness.

    Duration: 05 to 07 days


    3)Khuiten, Mongolia

    Mountain Altai

    Altai Range

    Khuiten is among Mongolia’s tallest peak at 14,450 ft, in the famous Altai range on the Western edge, meeting the border with China and Russia. It is now not the primary summit you think of when planning to climb in Asia, but for beginners, it has no friends. The climb will take you up the barren and forbidding Potanin Glacier. Before that you need to tackle crevasse-stuffed snow ridge efforts and that will take to summit.

    Duration: One week


    4) Mountain Elbrus, Russia

    Mountain Elbrus

    At 18,600 feet, the west summit of twin-peaked Mount Elbrus located in the Caucasus of Russia is Europe’s tallest mountain. Its ice cone is layered with 22 glaciers, although the famous path to the top is best fairly steep and empty of crevasses, making the climb an excellent one for bold mountain lovers who think they can deal with the skinny air. Soviet-generation cable motors will carry you to twelve,400 ft in elevation from where your climbs starts. Achieving the summit usually takes a day, but several days of training and acclimatization are to be practiced in advance.

    Duration: One or two day depending on climate


    5) Mountain Aconcagua, Argentina

    Mountain Aconcagua

    Aconcagua has pointed snow cone peers are spread over Andes at 22,940 ft. making it the world’s tallest mountain. It is also the granddaddy of beginning mountain climbing climbs. Although you do not need useĀ  need to use wielding an ice awl to finish the ride, but an intensive backpacking and excessive-altitude heritage are extremely useful.

    Duration: 03 weeks

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