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  • Top 10 countries for Cheap Travel

    Top 10 countries for Cheap Travel

    Wondering from here and there and finally you can find here the top most prominent countries for cheap travel.

    Countries for cheap travel

    10) THAILAND


    Thailand is a country for traveling which is  similar to Malaysia if we see the normal living expenses, as compared to Malaysia, Thailand is little bit extra high priced (until and unless you’re spending on drinks, then Thailand will likely be cheaper). You can easily discover budget accommodation for $16 a night and live on another day for 20-21$ on food and drinks.

    09) MALAYSIA

    Most of the people (who did not travel or in experienced) have a wrong impression and view that Malaysia is really an amazing place to travel but it is highly expensive. But surprisingly, it’s now not as sustainable in terms of budget as Cambodia or Vietnam. While on the journey I have discussed and did research with travelers, professionals and bloggers  and they were all accept with the fact to healthy sustain with 30-35$ per day. There is one disadvantage if you are planning to partying every night because they have the excessive drinking taxes. In this case, you need to rethink of your budget.


    Countries for cheap travel,Nepal

    08) NEPAL

    Nepal is very fascinating place to visit and explore but despite of the earth quake incident few years ago it still continues to grow. It has many things to offer in terms of beauty especially the mountains.  If you are concern with the expenses and cover maximum point of explorations on your plan then you could get healthy survive on 20-25$ day. I was highly surprised to know that one of my friend was back from Nepal and he covers approx. $320 in a month.

    Countries for cheap travel,india


    07) INDIA

    India is the most diverse country with the variety and mixture of culture that you love to experience. Being over-crowded in population, it has much to offer and I suggest that it must be under in everyone travel plan. Most of your budget rely on where you go, where you stay and far most you fall in love with the shopping, however, how you buy things. So, normally you can get by approx. 20-25$ day.

    Countries for cheap travel,Indonesia


    Indeed, as we all know that Indonesia is spectacular place to visit. However, if you are spending your day at the good standard with air conditioner system in rooms and also enjoying party’s then your budget will get by 20$ to 30$. But the good news is that if you are regular budget traveler then the expense get by 15$ per day.

    Countries for cheap travel,philippines


    Known for the best beach, known for the hospitality of friendly peoples and remarkable landscapes. Yes, Introducing the Philippines, like the other countries in Asia, its living expense is highly cheap. You can accommodate in hostels with 8$ per person. The meal costs 3$, which is very surprising.

    Countries for cheap travel,Venezulea


    Venezuela was considered the most cheapest country for traveling in 2014 because of dropping of their currency very rapidly. For this sake, costs got down from 11$ per night to 5$ per night and meals costs around 2$ with everything included. Furthermore, what is surprising is that the flights (Domestic flights) charges 7$ to 19$, providing a thrilling opportunity to explore the cities.

    Countries for cheap travel

    03) EGYPT

    Every been wondering to see the art of pyramidal statues, Yes! This is Egypt revealing very old and historic civilization. Behinds enchanting culture and diversity, it will estimated cost you 23$ per day. Moreover, for the room, it will charge you around 4-5$.

    Countries for cheap travel

    02) VIETNAM

    Despite becoming so popular for tourists in the few years, it has been a cheap country constantly. Discussed with a lot of backpacker traveler they were of the view that anyone can get by 20-22$ per day including meals, transport and rooms.

    Countries for cheap travel

    01) CAMBODIA

    The most glorifying country with the cheapest expenses, for instance you can spend 1$ for room and much cheaper for meals. If you are considering to live in 5-star hotel then it would be quarter of the cost. Surprisingly, you can enjoy holidays by partying even in 30 cents (drinking).


    countries for cheap travel

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