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  • The best places to see and traveling around Thailand

    Traveling around Thailand

    Trip to Thailand

    Traveling around Thailand


    If  you are traveling around a place in which you are tired to explore but not willing to left it unseen, Off course it is the city of Bangkok Thailand, also known as Venus of East. You are ever considering why is called Venus of East? Off course, due to its sinuous water canals which comes out through Chao Phraya River and mostly known for its trade importance. Within the population of 11 million people, this city is known for tallest building varying in number throughout the city and the wonderful shining temples in which one of as Grand Palace Temple. Although the weather is too hot throughout the year and highly rushed traffic but one will enjoy because of the amazing markets and street with the availability of different kinds of food at very reasonable price.

    Chang Mai:

    Chang Mai literally means listen in English is another beautiful city which should not be missed. One of province of Thailand and second largest population exist here. What surprisingly is to explore here for visitors and is that it is situated on Northern part with lush green meadows, hills and adventure spot containing full of entertainment and fun. Besides glorious province and coolest part of Thailand, very well known for increasing values on behalf of its cultural and traditional values in form of temples in the hills. The mesmerizing temples that I would love to visit are Watt Phrathat Doi-Suthep and Wat Chiang Man.  Moreover, I would prefer if one walk through the street to get the attention of market, Night Bazaar and Anusarn Market are the famous markets.


    Khao Sok National Park:

    Situated near the touristic sights Krabi, Phukat nd Koh Samui, it attracts and welcomes almost every travelers to glorify its beauty. Yes, Khao Sok National Park one of major and elegant touristic sight located in Southern Thailand spreading over 734 km square. Khao Sok National Park consists of dense jungles, eye catching rivers, cottages and hill tribes. The wildlife is so diverse that one can found every kind of animals of which are elephant, tiger, monkeys, gibbons, Tapir, hornbill birds, wild boar, deer, serow and many more. Apart from these, hiking trails are available for hike lovers in the greenish hills with amazing routes. To get real taste of Khao Sok, one can get bike over there.


    Railay Beach:

     Although there are many beaches in Thailand but one which will make your trip breath-taking is the Railay Beach. Making itself space in the astonishing Andaman Sea, this peninsula is located in the Krabi province and consists of lush green jungles, cliffs and small rocks which makes this beach an interesting place to visit. Impressively, you cannot see any type of vehicle at the beach since it is unapproachable for transportation and can only be access by boating either by footsteps. What more else the offers is that it can be explore (near) from two of famous beaches which are Nang Bay and Sunset Beach so you ever willing to visit those two spots then you must include Railay Beach in your plan. While at the beach, you can move around to have some hang out as rock climbing, hiking, swimming and boating. Some people also prefers Kayaking and massage.





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