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  • Why travel Iran (06 best experiences)

    why travel Iran

    Probably, everyone is fascinated by Iran through media and different sources and yet it is possible that some people are planning and willing to travel. Since for the new visitors they do not actually aware of how to get there and many question arises regarding the safety concerns. Fortunately, what I found was shocking and surprising because it is the most hospitable country.

    There are some fact that why travel Iran?


    Iran is an absolutely amazing destination in terms of the famous places yet there is a reason to visit it as their citizens. Surprisingly, they will give you everything what they has and this makes Iran an interesting place to visit. Once you entered in this land, you will be welcome by smiling face and eccentric questions. You will be asked “what is your name”, “where you come from”, “what is your religion”. It is the way of expressing their gratitude to guests for being frankly. Whether you are walking somewhere or standing idle, you will be regularly asked for a cup of tea, doubtlessly you are invited for dinner from a family. It is may be likely possible that you could find a friend that helps you to stay at their home (could be called couch surfing) but as far I am concerned, I would not like to recommend it.



    Almost each and everybody who are attracted to visit any country? Their first question would be safety with respect to situations? However, as far as Iran is concerned, what I have been used to watch or hear were totally out of box. Certainly it is the country cultivated with nice people with big hearts, you will remarkably find out smiling faces on every way and place. You will surely experience friendly and polite environment and feel like in our own country. Interestingly, the security agencies or the police are not used to or tend to check you regularly and same case with your visa.



    Iran is the country where you can find people belong to religion of Islam. There are well structured mosques ranging from bigger to smaller entirely in every part of localized places, can easily find people going for prayer. As far as they are Muslim, majority belong to Shia sect and follow Moharram to give mourn and tributes to martyrdom of Karabala.



    The Iranian are the most competitive one in education sector. As it is figured within the year 2015, it is calculated that 85% of adult from total population are literate. Their own language (IRANI LANGUAGE) in primary and compulsory in all fields but the secondary language is the ENGLISH language that are now a day more commonly speak by youngsters. Talking to the youngsters, it can be found that they are fond of engineering and technology and especially in Tehran majority goes to University to study their specific subject. On the other hand, there is a versatile Islamic education system provided with good environments. People from over the world comes here to seek Islamic education.



    Isfahan has been the major tourist attraction for centuries. It is city which do not let visitors to go and make them obliged to stay for week or more. Remember that it will fascinate a far greater that you will tend to forget the Switzerland, Paris and other famous places. Journey into the city of “ISFAHAN” will give last longer and unforgettable memories despite it is the main touristic center, located at the heart of Iran and replica of western culture (only this city). Widely known for best architecture center, it is important to throw light on the Naqshy-E-Jahan also called Imam Square which is the gateway and open up to most historical places where you can rounded vault of Masjeed-e-Shaah (Shah Mosque) which has also won the title of “UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE”. This city offers to walk on the street and bazaars (market) to experience the rich culture and people, it remain no worry take a tea with them to make it memorable since they are hospitable guest.



    If you are really curious and adventurous to explore the mountains in Iran, I recommend you to climb the Mt. Damavand peak (5000 m) which is located Alboraz range known as the highest peak in Tehran. It has a short duration of 7 days including 4 four days climbing, not much strenuous that need to have extra climbing skill or equipment. What is more interesting is that you can arrive at the base camp in just 2 hours from the International airport of Tehran. To reach at the top different routes (estimated 16 routes) is followed and Southern routes is mostly favorable.

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